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NIMOI is an investment holding
firm for Asian investments.
About us
in Asia

NIMOI is a partners’ investment holding company with investments in a range of industries across Asia. We are actively involved in the management of these businesses, and have a long-term investment horizon. Holdings include fund management, precious metals trading, savings platform inter alia.

Responsibility and

Necessity is the mother of invention

Specific investment needs often require innovative and sometimes adventurous solutions. Through a network of experienced partners, well established in their respective industries and geographies, we find exciting opportunities that meet the needs of our partners and co-investors.


Integrity and responsibility

We adhere strictly to our ethical principles and expect the same from our partners and co-investors. We aim to balance our commercial, fiduciary, environmental and community responsibilities in each of our transactions. This approach has fostered loyalty and trust among the partners and co-investors.


Risk and enhanced due diligence

We take special care to underwrite to stringent due diligence standards. Applying these standards in our chosen jurisdictions can be time consuming and challenging. However, transactions that do not meet our hurdles will be rejected.

Our history
Singapore is Nimoi’s long-term home

The firm’s predecessor, Woodside Holdings Pte Ltd was founded in Singapore in 1959 as family investment holding company. By the late 1970s family circumstances had changed and a new structure was required. Nimoi Ltd was established in 1979 to meet the prevailing investment needs of the principals.

With the incorporation of Nimoi Holdings Pte Ltd in Singapore in late 2008, David and Alexander Fergusson took NIMOI into a third generation.

Over half a
century in Asia

Alexander Fergusson

Alexander is a Director of Nimoi Holdings. In addition, Alexander is a Director and member of the Investment Committee of Woodside Holdings Investment Management… More


David Fergusson

David is a Director of Nimoi Holdings. In addition, David is a Director of Woodside Holdings Investment Management, and Chairman of Global Precious Metals… More

We aim to own assets for the long term
Global Precious Metals
Global Precious Metals (“GPM”) is a Singapore-based precious metals trading and custody business. GPM provides precious metal services to financial services firms, fund management companies, family offices, and high-net worth investors.

Industry: Precious Metals
Region/Country: Singapore / Global
Transaction Size: Not Disclosed
Investment Date: 13 November, 2012

Woodside Holdings Investment Management is a boutique fund manager based in Singapore. It currently manages the Asian Wealth Fund.

Industry: Financial Services
Region/Country: Singapore
Transaction Size: Not Disclosed
Investment Date: 1 July, 2009

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